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Eznieh's gameplay for Rakion Chaos Force (PC)

Eznieh played Rakion Chaos Force

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Eznieh said...
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Rakion Chaos Force

Rakion Chaos Force (PC)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date:
1 minutes
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Now, Rakion is still a fantasy game with emphasis on action rather than role-playing. Players can simply select one of five gender-locked character classes including Warrior, Blacksmith, Mage, Ninja and Archer (the first three are male). Unlike the traditional design, each class has both melee and ranged abilities with specific weapons, such as the longsword in close-quarter combat and throwing knives in ranged battleground for warriors. Besides, every class has its own strength and weakness in the six shared stats that can be boosted by equipment and level-up.

In-game control is based on the co-op of keyboard and mouse, simple and conventional; while the combat is packed with hack and slash, presented best by each class’s combo in melee attack mode. Nice catches behind the basic combat are designed to take the tedium of blind hacking out. A little strategy – switch between the melee combo and ranged attack freely but consider the time in-between when the character is vulnerable; more rage – fill the rage bar and transform into powerful being; call helpers – summon different Cells (i.e. pets) to battles and draw upon the power of either a horde of weaker animals or one single strong mob; and fall the armor – deal damage continuously to opponents and break their armor to fall apart.

Rakion requires download but the file is small-sized (835.6 MB). From the small size comes the first obvious shortcoming, that is, dated graphics. Out of the lobby-based gameplay comes the lagging issue. And another common failing lies with the paid advantage in the item shop. On the whole, Rakion is average in quality but kind-of special with the mixed fantasy and lobby-based action.
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